The Steps to Building a Better Smile: Root Canal Therapy

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An often-undetected disorder that can easily arise in your mouth is damage to your pulp. Microscopic damage to your tooth enamel may create a crevice in which bacteria can enter the tooth and damage it permanently. If this should happen, it is necessary to visit your dentist for a root canal therapy to remove the pulp and clean and seal the tooth. Only by doing so can the tooth effectively be saved.

Any damage to your tooth enamel can raise your risk for bacterial infection to seep through. This includes wear and tear via repeated dental procedures, microscopic damage, dental erosion, and the presence of cavities. Shield your smile from any damage to your tooth enamel to ensure a cavity cannot seep through and damage your pulp. If your pulp has become infected, a root canal therapy will be required.

If the pulp of a tooth is injured or infected, it will need to be extracted as soon as possible to ensure the tooth has the best chance of a successful recovery. Luckily, teeth can sometimes function effectively in your mouth for a lifetime even after the pulp has been taken out. However, a root canal therapy will be required to accomplish this.

If you are showing symptoms of a damaged pulp that requires a root canal therapy, come visit Desert Foothills Dental for assistance today. With the expert care of Dr. Brent D Pulley and our wonderful team at our dentist office in Phoenix, Arizona, we can rebuild your smile. To set up an appointment, call us at 480-460-1911.