Teaching Your Child Good Oral Hygiene Improves Their Chances of Maintaining a Healthy Mouth as an Adult

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It might not seem it at first, but maintaining the health of your child’s baby teeth can significantly improve their chances of maintaining healthy teeth as an adult. Instilling good oral hygiene habits early in their life encourages them to maintain those habits when they are fully grown.

It’s also worth noting that when a primary tooth is lost to tooth decay or a treatment-based extraction, it also increases the chances of the emergent permanent teeth erupting out of alignment. This can increase your child’s chances of needing braces in their adolescent years.

The American Dental Association recommends that you start brushing your child’s primary teeth as soon as they emerge from the gums. Over time you can let them join in on the act of brushing. Once they’re done playing at brushing, you can provide a little follow up brushing to make sure all areas of their teeth have been cleaned.

Many oral hygiene product manufacturers offer children’s toothbrushes and child safe toothpaste. Make sure to look for the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance on any oral hygiene product you select for your son or daughter. This ensures that you’re providing them with the highest products possible.

Flossing your child’s teeth at least once each day is also important for maintaining the health of their gums and ingraining its importance. You might want to spool the dental floss around your pinky fingers or use a small floss stick if you’re having a hard time reaching their molars. As your child’s manual dexterity improves, you can let them use the floss stick with their own hands.

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