With IV sedation in Phoenix, Arizona, Desert Foothills Dental can have your dental treatment completed without the anxiety or nervousness that it may bring to you. IV, or intravenous, sedation is a conscious sedation treatment, though patients can fall asleep after receiving it. Before you receive an IV sedation treatment, our dentists will meet with you in a consultation to discuss your medical history, your dental needs, and other relevant factors to determine if IV sedation is the right option for you.

Dr. Brent Pulley is proud to be one of the few dentists in the area to offer in-office IV sedation. He has received the certification and educational requirements that are necessary to perform this type of sedation, and they has safely performed many IV sedation procedures for patients of all ages!

Desert Foothills Dental is committed to ensuring your comfort and peace of mind during your dental experience. We may recommend IV sedation to patients with longer procedures, more complex treatments, special needs, or moderate to severe anxiety. If you would like to find out if IV sedation is right for you, please give us a call at 480-460-1911 to schedule a consultation with our dentists.


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