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Dr. Brent D Pulley will usually recommend hospital outpatient sedation in Phoenix, Arizona, to patients with concerns such as special physical needs, severe anxiety, or complex treatment requirements. Desert Foothills Dental works with certified anesthesiologists to ensure you get the quality care you need. During hospital outpatient sedation, you or your family member will receive general anesthesia, which is the deepest level of sedation possible. This will be administered using a combination of IV sedation and oral medication as needed for the most comfortable experience possible.

With general anesthesia, the patient is not at all aware of his or her surroundings and is not arousable even by painful stimulation. Breathing will most likely be controlled by a breathing tube and ventilator, and cardiovascular function may be impaired. General anesthesia allows for dental work to be done while the patient is asleep and further allows for as much treatment as possible to be completed in one sitting.

Our dentist and team do all they can to ensure you or your child are at ease during your dental procedure. If you need a more advanced level of care, please do not hesitate to contact us at 480-460-1911 to learn more about our hospital outpatient sedation services!


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