Safe Smiles for Halloween: Candies to Avoid

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As the Halloween season lingers in the air, the time is now to set forth a plan to keep your teeth and gums safe against the hidden dangers found within. Not only can ghouls and goblins scare you out of your wits, but the treats you eat can spook your smile with quite the scare. If you are not careful, you may find yourself treating your smile to an oral health care tooth restoration this holiday season.

Several oral accidents and injuries occur during the Halloween season due to individuals biting directly into hard candies and treats. Try to stay away from hard candies, which can easily chip or crack teeth. In addition, exercise caution with any sticky candy, including taffy and caramels, which can easily linger in your mouth long after consumption and increase the rate of tooth decay.

Also, make sure to avoid as much sugar as possible. Most sweets and treats during the Halloween season are packed with sugar, which is a known contributor to several oral health ailments such as dental erosion, tooth decay, and cavities.

From all of us at Desert Foothills Dental, we hope you have a spooktacular Halloween! If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brent D Pulley, please contact us at 480-460-1911, or stop by our office in Phoenix, Arizona. We wish you all a safe and happy Halloween! Don’t forget to brush behind your fangs!