Reaching the Pinnacle of Oral Health Care: Oral Emergency Care

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There are numerous known accidents and injuries in our lives that can easily damage our teeth and gums, erasing decades of work that we provide for our mouth. To help reduce the likelihood of dental damage from occuring, there are various treatments that can be done. However, if you do ever suffer from an oral accident, you may need to have an emergency treatment plan in place to immediately care for your teeth before professional care can be given

In the case of a lost dental filling, be sure to cover up the volatile tooth with an over the counter dental cement or piece of sugarless chewing gum. If you lose a dental crown, you can try to reattach it until professional care can be applied. Oftentimes, dental crowns may require you to cover the vulnerable area with a cotton swab covered in clove oil. Never use super glue.

When you have an object stuck between teeth, be careful when trying to pry it out. Never use any kind of instruments that can potentially scratch a tooth’s surface or damage your gums. Instead, try using safe and gentle interdental cleaners such as dental floss to gently remove the object.

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