Becoming Accustomed to Dentures

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If you are looking to get dentures, you should be aware of the benefits they bring. They grant you replacements for teeth that you have lost. You should be aware, however, that it will take some time to become accustomed to your dentures.

Often, it will feel strange when you have the dentures in. Your mouth have some reactions that may make you feel concerned. Know that there is nothing wrong with you or the dentures. These are all natural responses, and they should go away after a few weeks. We will go over them so you know what to expect and not feel worried.

The dentures may feel loose at first, or they may feel bulky. Your tongue may also feel like there is hardly enough space for it. These feelings should stop once your cheek and tongue learn to support the dentures and grow used to their presence.

You may also have more saliva in your mouth than usual. The saliva should go back down to normal levels as your mouth gets used to its new resident or residents.

These next few items might feel the most disconcerting, but you need not be concerned about them. Some irritation and soreness often comes with this process. You should not feel a great deal of discomfort from either, and they should to pass after a few weeks.

However, if the irritation and soreness cause you a lot of discomfort, or if they persist for more than a few weeks, do not hesitate to visit our dentists, Dr. Brent Pulley, for some professional advice.

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